Cost Management

Plan your success
A project's success is achieved through robust cost management in the early stages of planning a project through to construction. Core Two believe that professional and independent cost advisory is essential to the success of a project.

Core Two are able to provide costs estimates at every stage of design through to construction, from minimal conceptual design through to detailed construction issue information. We believe in working as part of an integrated design team in supporting working within cost targets and protecting your core interests. We have years of experience across all sectors including commercial, residential, retail, municipal, sports/leisure and entertainment.

Core Two is able to provide the following services:
  • Cost Planning
  • Value Management
  • Bid Analysis and Recommendation
  • Change Order Control and Review
Core Two’s best interests are our clients’. As an independent party, we protect our clients by providing unbiased service to solve challenges.

We are able to quickly identify the best solutions by utilizing our experience from the involvement of a vast amount of projects in Western Canada.
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    Core Two believes in ‘designing to cost’ and supporting the client and design team in working within cost targets. With experience in providing cost estimates from initial concept through to pre-tender stages, we enable clients to make informed decisions. We produce estimates in an elemental format in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Quantity (CIQS) Elemental Cost Analysis, but are also able to provide estimates in trade package format. In evaluating the reliability of our estimates, we carry out benchmarking to compare costs against recently completed projects. ​ At pre-tender stage, Core Two undertakes market testing to check the reliability of costings and are in touch with market conditions/trends that are likely to influence construction costs. As part of our estimates, we would include for allowances and contingencies, and escalation where required based on the anticipated schedule.
    Core Two is able to support that the budget is not exceeded through value management/engineering. We assess components on their functions in terms of ‘what they do’ in addition to ‘what they are’, and can provide solutions align costs with the client’s budget.
    Core Two is able to support the client in making a contractor selection through analysis of bids, normalization of costs and providing a recommendation based on the robustness of a tender. We can also support the bid process through pre-qualification of tenders, mid-bid and post-bid interviews, and negotiation with the contractor.
    Core Two can manage the change order process for the client and advise on contemplated change orders/early warning of changes that can impact on the project budget. We are also able to review and assess change orders to determine whether changes are veritable changes, and quantum and costs.